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What is Safe Relationship?

Safe Relationship™ is an original method of psychotherapy for children, teenagers and families. It is based on scientific evidence that emphasizes that establishing a warm and safe contact with patients helps to improve their mental well-being.

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Why learn Safe Relationship?

No matter if you’re a fresh graduate or an experienced therapist, it's equally essential to understand the benefits of building a healthy therapeutic relationship. Establishing a professional structure for psychotherapy sessions and adjusting therapeutic techniques to individual needs can greatly improve your confidence as a mental health professional.

Gain confidence. Deliver results.

Safe Relationship™ builds upon 12 years of my professional experience. It's a proven, field-tested method, that transformed lives of hundreds of patients. It's time for you to learn this method and include it in your practice. Unlike many others, this is a comprehensive training focused on real-life examples - giving you set of straightforward, primed solutions to your problems.

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Therapists testimonials:

“I have been working with Monika for many years and I see how much her method of work contributes to psychotherapy of children and adolescents. Safe Relationship™ is essentially a decent, professional work of a therapist: commitment to a sincere relationship with a patient, individual selection of therapeutic techniques and satisfaction with the results.”
Joanna Mloduchowska, psychotherapist
“Since I learned how to work with Safe Relationship™, my work with parents and teenagers have become much simpler - I know how to plan sessions, how to collect an interview well, and how to react to difficult situations in the office. I am very grateful for drawing attention to us - therapists, how important we are in patient recovery. "
Anna Kadziela, counselor
“Trainings conducted by Mrs. Monika Perkowska are always based on numerous examples from her psychotherapeutic practice. I am impressed with how much heart she has for her patients and I know that they feel this warmth in every session. It's amazing how her understanding of patient development is universal: respect, acceptance and authenticity as a basis of psychotherapy."
Vu Le Huy - owner of a network of psychotherapeutic counseling centers

Learn more about the method and its theoretical basis in Q&A about SAFE RELATIONSHIP™

How will you enrich your therapeutic workshop thanks to SAFE RELATIONSHIP™ method?

You are a therapist and you work with children and teenagers on a daily basis. You know perfectly well that symptoms with which patients come to you are only part of their problems. Or maybe you are a young therapist who experiences uncertainty in your work and you need support and a specific tool for psychotherapeutic work?

Meet my original method of therapeutic work with children, adolescents and families SAFE RELATIONSHIP™, thanks to which you will enrich your workshop.

How do you benefit by learning SAFE RELATIONSHIP™ ?

Your profit is primarily the ability to work with children, teenagers and families using a method that gives you greater confidence and allows clients not only to heal their symptoms, but also facilitates a development of healthy character traits for future. During the training you will see therapeutic sessions, I will tell you about the most effective methods of establishing relationships with children and their families, you will learn the secrets of working method that I have been using in my office for many years.

Thanks to adopting SAFE RELATIONSHIP ™method, therapists feel that:

  • they know what they are doing - they do not work in the dark,
  • they can collect a good, professional interview from parents and a child,
  • they can make an appropriate psychotherapeutic diagnosis,
  • they plan therapeutic interventions from various trends, e.g. cognitive-behavioral, systemic, psychodynamic individually adjusting them to a patient
  • they get more satisfaction from their job
  • they see the effects of their professional approach to therapy,
  • they are professionals in the eyes of customers.

What SAFE RELATIONSHIP™️ method is about?

The main goal of this innovative therapeutic method with children, adolescents and their families is not only to treat mental disorders in children, but also to support child's autonomy at each therapeutic meeting, to teach them who they are, what they can do, what they have difficulties with and build their self-confidence and self-esteem. Such a child will acquire better social skills, learn to do well in the world, and will feel safe in relationships with others. The question is, how to achieve this goal through therapy?

First of all, my method is based on building a warm, sincere and safe relationship with a patient. Today, every fifth child has ailments that meet the criteria for mental disorders. What is the reason for this? Stressful times contribute to that. Times when you need to hurry and when adults are also emotionally unstable. Therefore, children do not have a sense of stability and security. And it is these little patients who feel the pressure of our time the most. As a result, they feel rejected and marginalized. This creates a lack of acceptance and support in them. Therefore, it is our responsibility, the therapists, to teach our patient this safe, warm relationship, which a child is so often deprived of in their life. A relationship between a therapist and a child is therefore of great importance in a process of their treatment. We teach them a safe relationship.

Secondly, SAFE RELATIONSHIP™ method involves creating a structure for therapeutic sessions. Building a relationship with a child is not only about offering them a sincere relationship between therapist and patient. The second important element is to provide them with a safe space.

To create such a safe space for a child in your office, you need to design the entire cycle of therapy in such a way that the rules are clear and easy to predict. Why? Because children need structure, not chaos, to understand themselves and the world.

Organized structure of a session will give your patient a sense of security. This will not only treat the specific disorder with which the child reports, but also support development of a healthy personality. It is only  possible when they know work framework in the office and know the rules of therapy. Remember that our patients have often not been able to experience structures in their lives.

Thirdly, SAFE RELATIONSHIP™  allows therapists to analyze usefulness of various therapeutic techniques drawn from many psychotherapeutic approaches and plan individually tailored interventions. This possibility opens up a flexible way of thinking about the process of psychotherapy for therapists and allows them to work in accordance with integration of various trends in psychotherapy.

By conveying closeness and cordiality to your patient, showing them your human face and outlining clear and predictable rules, you create a structured space for a child. In such space they will find safety and learn independence and how to build such a structure in their later adult life.

What are the theoretical assumptions of SAFE RELATIONSHIP™ method

I based my original SAFE RELATIONSHIP™  method on three theoretical assumptions

The first basis is SDT theory of self-determination by Edward Deci and Richard Ryan. This theory assumes that a condition for a child to develop its own competences, to be autonomous, active and capable of independent action is close, warm and safe contact with an adult. Contact that is based on a structure that is known to the child

The second basis of SAFE RELATIONSHIP™ theory is the assumption of Carl Rogers, confirmed by subsequent researchers, which states that a relationship between therapist and a patient plays an extremely important role in the whole process of psychotherapy.

The third basis is based on a classification of parenting styles according to H. Rudolf Schaeffer. According to this modern developmental psychologist, the greatest influence on proper development of a child is a healthy relationship with parents, which is based on respect and honesty. In a healthy development of a child, it is also extremely important to respect its otherness. This theory allowed me to look at my work with young patients from a broader perspective. I realized that the environment in which they grow up has a huge impact on the psyche of a young person, i.e. family, school and environment, as well as teachers, specialists, and us- psychotherapists.

These three basics and my own experience in a therapy office have contributed to creation of my own SAFE RELATIONSHIP ™  method, which I am going to teach you.

What is the origin of SAFE RELATIONSHIP™ method?

The origin of this method was dictated by my desire to professionally help children after many years of observing their needs in a therapy office. I am very grateful to the patients I have met and meet on my professional path, because it is thanks to them that I developed SAFE RELATIONSHIP™.

I have always seen in clients a great need to be in a close relationship. In addition to wanting to get rid of symptoms, children need a stable adult. And that's what SAFE RELATIONSHIP ™  teaches - how to be a good therapist for kids, teens and families.

Many times I have wondered how important are various tasks and exercises during therapy, and how important is our real, live contact with a patient. After many years, I can certainly say that a safe therapeutic relationship is the basis and the most important element of good psychotherapy. Working with children is extremely demanding. You have surely found out about it by running your own practice. Children are extremely sensitive patients, they do not have knowledge and experience of adults. That is why it is so important to approach each child individually.

Additional important point of our work is not to treat only the disorders themselves. Our task is to look at a little patient in a holistic way, that is, taking into account their family experiences, social conditions, but also the environment where the child grows. After all, we are not just working on symptoms, but their entire mental and emotional life.

Due to sensitivity of our little patients and complexity of their problems, our work requires flexibility. And it is thanks to SAFE RELATIONSHIP™ method that you will learn to combine different psychotherapeutic approaches, create a predictable structure for patients, so that your work brings results and relief to your patients, as well as professional fulfillment for you.

For which professionals is SAFE RELATIONSHIP™ method suitable?

The method will be useful primarily to psychotherapists, child psychologists and counselors working individually with patients in private offices, clinics or educational institutions.

I will also teach its elements in special trainings for teachers, doctors, speech therapists, social workers and other professionals working with children. A respectful approach towards a child will also be very useful in their work.

As a psychotherapist working with children, teenagers and families, I have created and use this excellent method every day, which helps me reliably help my patients.

During our trainings I will show you why it is worth applying the principle "the slower the faster". It is through this principle that you will allow a child to be treated at their own pace.

Psychotherapy conducted in this way respects a child, helps them to name their inner world, recognize emotional states and speak for themselves. A patient knows where to get information from, knows how to cope with life and can ask for help when they need it. They will just learn to recognize what is good for them.

What are the most common techniques in SAFE RELATIONSHIP™ ?
  • Working on child's decision-making after being structured by the therapist
  • Playing
  • Mentalization
  • Reflecting
  • Adapting therapeutic techniques to specific cases and individual situation of a child and family - hence the slogan of the method: Tailor-Made Therapy for Children
  • Therapists work independently or in
Will patients notice a difference when using SAFE RELATIONSHIP™ method?

Yes. SAFE RELATIONSHIP™ method is not only about helping to solve a specific medical condition. Therapy using this method involves more than just symptom work. Thanks to it, we focus on the entire mental and emotional life of a patient.

Thanks to SAFE RELATIONSHIP™ method, patients obtain flexibility and a broad understanding of their problems by us, therapists. Using this method makes a therapist select working techniques for each patient individually. They integrate various theories and therapeutic approaches, and also undertakes work on their own personality. In principle, therapists in the spirit of this method mainly work on themselves to bring benefits to little patients and their parents.

Sometimes patients say to me: "You are a different psychologist, such a normal person". This is most likely due to the fact that I build a safe and trusting relationship with them. They may have imagined that I would be distant, superior, give advice and swagger, and that's not the case. SAFE RELATIONSHIP™  gives that power - You can learn it too.

How will SAFE RELATIONSHIP™ method affect results of your therapeutic work?

Thanks to my training you will learn the principles of therapeutic work based on SAFE RELATIONSHIP™ method. Acquired knowledge will help you organize your professional workshop. You will also gain a new perspective on your current practice. Additionally:

  • you will learn to work with children, teenagers and families easier, because you will learn to combine known techniques in therapeutic work
  • you will learn the ability to better match known techniques to needs of your patients, and thanks to this your work will be more effective
  • you will learn to create a therapy structure, thanks to which you will influence a development of patient's autonomy
  • you will develop your therapeutic workshop and learn to build a therapist-patient relationship
  • you will be able to observe exemplary therapeutic sessions during video recordings

In addition to treating symptoms, your work will help teaching a child to be autonomous, self-reliant and independent. Your competence, support and building safety on a basis of a predictable structure will allow the child to create a structure in their own life in future

Are there statistics confirming effectiveness of this method?

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist for children, teenagers and their families. I have gained experience both from my own professional practice as well as while working in psychotherapeutic teams.

Today I can proudly say that I have successfully completed hundreds of therapeutic processes using SAFE RELATIONSHIP™ method.

Effectiveness of this method is confirmed by the fact that 97% of my patients continued their therapy after becoming acquainted with this method during the first consultation.

What does a patient treated with SAFE RELATIONSHIP™ method gain?

This method primarily helps to support self-awareness of young patients. It supports child's autonomy and teaches them to be resourceful and independent in their future adult life. It allows the child to define their identity. Who they are, what they can do, what is difficult for them. It teaches them how to cope with the world and awakens their self-confidence. And most importantly - thanks to this method, they experience a sense of security in relations with others and with the world as such. Thanks to strong foundations, the child will be able to independently create a structure of their life that is best for them. They will also have confidence in themselves and decisions they make.

Can anyone sign up for SAFE RELATIONSHIP™ training for psychologists, counselors and psychotherapists?

No. Psychotherapeutic training is intended only for professionals working with psychotherapeutic methods with children, adolescents and their parents. In order to participate in the training, you must document a completion of psychological studies or psychotherapeutic or counseling courses/studies.

I really like your method, but I am not a psychologist, counselor or psychotherapist, although I work with children. Can I also learn it?

Of course. Soon there will be special training for teachers, doctors, speech therapists, social workers and all specialists who work with children, adolescents and families, but are not psychologists or psychotherapists.

During the training you will learn what elements of SAFE RELATIONSHIP™  you can apply in your work to effectively help children and their parents. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.

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